May the memories of 
our departed brothers
always remain in our hearts.
They will always be
our brothers.

May our Lord's Precious Blood
 be with them
and with all of us forever. . . . 


KEITH D KLAWES Council 6756, 11/30/2017
Keith D Klawes Council 6756, 11/30/2017
Ernest J. Gallinari Council 12263, 11/24/2017
Manuel (Manny) T Correia Council 7062, 11/21/2017
Jerome P Morin Council 7062, 11/21/2017

Steve A Guest
 Council 2207, 10/24/2017
Joseph A. Albers Council 6892, 10/11/2017
James Joseph McConville Council 8980, 10/7/2017
Alexis (Al) Heil Council 15960, 9/10/2017
Alexis (Al) Heil Council 15960, 9/10/2017

Guillermo L. Valena
 Council 6892, 8/30/2017
GEORGE KENNETH MC CART Council 8980, 8/27/2017
John Lloyd Berg II Council 6892, 8/23/2017
Daniel W. Catena Jr. Council 1668, 8/13/2017
Robert (Burt) Hackett Council 12366, 7/14/2017


May you look down upon us
your memories enrich all of our lives.

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