Featured Program

July 2018

Gentlemen, last fraternal year many of you indicated that you were going to wait until the beginning of the new fraternal year before you seriously pursued diving into the Building the Domestic Church initiative.  Therefore, we are suggesting that you take this featured program article and use it to launch your Council’s BDC Program.  We are receiving information about the new changes which are coming down from the Supreme Council.  It is important that we carefully examine the changes so that in just a few weeks, we can appropriately pass them on to all the Councils.  However,  your Council brothers need to get started with an active prayer life in their families.  Here are some suggestions. Convention Greetings

To cultivate life as a domestic church, a family must deliberately welcome God into its home. The Family Fully Alive program has been created to help each family do this. http://www.kofc.org/un/en/resources/domestic-church/family-fully-alive.pdf  It provides monthly themes, reflections, meditations, family projects and Scripture verses designed to help each family place God and the Catholic faith at the center of its life. Through prayer and reflection each family has the opportunity to grow in holiness together. http://www.kofc.org/un/en/domestic-church/monthly-themes/index.html

Councils should order the full printed program book for families to use at home. You can place your order online through Knights Gear or by calling or emailing our Supply Department at 203-752-4214 or supply@kofc.org.

Suggested Weekly Format
Designate a space in your home where your family can gather together for prayer. The space should be free from distractions and, if possible, decorated with religious images and sacramentals to help direct the family’s thoughts toward God. Open each week with the Our Father, Hail Mary or one of the other prayers included in the “Prayers for Every Family” section. Next, ask a family member to read the theme. Then, proceed with the month’s prayer and activities. Then, offer some petitions with each family member, adding personal intentions to the prayer. Conclude together by reciting the Consecration to the Holy Family. Feel free to add to this basic structure other devotions, songs and whatever your family finds spiritually enriching for prayer.

Adapting This Program to Your Family
The family fully alive program is designed to be flexible to meet the continuously changing needs of your family. This program can be started during any month of the year, completing projects and saying prayers at the times and places most suitable for your family.  Some suitable times would be after family dinner or shortly before bedtime, making it easier to deal with the challenge of bringing the entire family together.

However you decide to incorporate the family fully alive program into your family’s busy schedule, one thing is certain — it will change your life. The monthly cycle of themes, prayers, reflections, meditations and family projects will help your family focus on the important things in the world. They will help build your domestic church as a place of faith, hope and charity, where each member will grow with grace toward his or her full potential in God.

Family Prayer Corner

July 2018

Brother Knights of the Domestic Church,                                                    

      Here is a suggestion for you to incorporate into your prayer routine.  It comes from a partial excerpt from Supreme Chaplain Archbishop William Lori.  It is entitled, “How to End the Day”.

            “…in St. Luke’s Gospel where Mary and Joseph…bring the Child Jesus to the Temple in Jerusalem to dedicate Him to the Lord, they meet a layman named Simeon…. ‘When Simeon took the Child Jesus into his arms, his eyes of faith were opened and he knew he held the long-expected Savior.  Filled with the Holy Spirit, he uttered this canticle,… ‘Lord, now you can let your servant go in peace; your word has been fulfilled.  My own eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared in the sight of every people: a light to reveal you to the nations and the glory of your people Israel’.  …When he saw Jesus, all that he spent his life and energy hoping and praying for came to pass.  Jesus put Simeon’s whole life in its proper perspective and Simeon experienced an exquisite peace.  So, if I follow Simeon’s lead, as each day comes to an end, I need not avoid my worries and wounds, nor do I have to salve them with artificial happiness of self-induced positive thinking.  On the contrary, all I need to do is to entrust the whole package -- all my strengths and weaknesses, together with the events of the day – to the Lord Jesus, who is just as present to me as he was to Simeon….In that moment of trust and love, I can also serenely examine my conscience….I will ask if I paused during the course of the day and really opened my heart to the living presence of Christ…Did I try to see the face of Christ in those I encountered over the course of the day? Did my eyes of faith perceive the light of Christ in others and truly glimpse the salvation that God has prepared for every person whom I am privileged to serve?  Did my words, actions and demeanor reflect the light and goodness of Christ? Then, entrusting myself to the Lord, I fall asleep in his peace.”

      Brothers, pray well, pray often, grow in Christ, be at peace.

Jim & Ann St. Clair

Chair Couple, Building the Domestic Church



Monthly Planning Items

July 2018

  • Councils should order the Family Fully Alive program booklet for families to use at home. You can place your order online through Knights Gear or by calling or emailing our Supply Department at 203-752-4214 or supply@kofc.org.
  • Councils should order the Building the Domestic Church Kiosk, which is a full battery of BDC booklets from the Supreme Supply Department.  Place the Kiosk in your Council Meeting area and Grand Knight encourages everyone to examine all that is available to them.
  • Advanced Councils who already have an  on-going BDC program, continue to build personal and family prayer lives.  Parish outreach is your current focus.  Help the pastor identify what areas need K of C augmentation.  Carefully work with existing parish committees without projecting a sense of taking over their space.
  • Council focus’s special emphasis on the new Faith in Action Program.  Appoint a spokesman to explain the changes and how they will be incorporated into your Council programs.  June 2018 issue of Columbia Magazine and the June-July 2018 issue of Faith In Action will concentrate on explaining the new changes.  If the Grand Knight has not already done so, immediately select a Chair Couple to head up the Building the Domestic Church Program.  Have him review Columbia Magazine (June 2018).  It is critical that the Grand Knight have an organizational meeting with the Council’s appointed directors and chairs in advance of the new fraternal year: before July 1. More information will be provided at the July Grand Knight Workshop.  If your Chair Couple have any questions, refer them to us at stclair33@bellsouth.net or (803)968-5884 (cell).
Council Reflections

July 2018

July 2018

https://gallery.mailchimp.com/8dc8795945bd78a3a07da931f/images/ff01fef5-4936-4dab-9b71-e8d11edb091c.jpegConfession does what no Psychologist can.

Psychology is an extremely important medical field that many of us need from time to time.  A good and informed practitioner will be the first to recommend to his patient that he needs the confessional more than their professional services.

That being said....our priests are DOCTORS OF THE SOUL and after spending 6 plus years training in the Seminary and countless thousands of hours listening and counseling in the confessional, they are eminently qualified to help you cooperate with God’s call to live your life according to God’s Will.  Let us support our priests, love them and pray for more vocations.  Utilize their ordained gift to forgive.

St. Augustine said that the power God uses to forgive sin in the confessional is greater than the power He used to create the world!  Meditate on that!!!!

The Sacrament of Confession is Divine!