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Featured Program

November 2017


Journey to the Inn an increasingly secular world, many Catholics are faced with the difficulty of sharing the faith. With the bustle of Christmas shopping and the frequent removal of religious imagery from Christmas displays, it seems that communities have forgotten the incredible gift of Christ and the beauty of his birth.

Facing similar concerns when first introducing Christ to the New World, Franciscan missionaries in the 16th century found that simple re-enactments of the story of Christ’s birth could touch the hearts of those they encountered. The Spanish missionaries referred to these ceremonies as Las Posadas — meaning “the inns” or “the shelters” — as they gave emphasis to Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter before Our Savior’s birth.

These festivities have remained popular throughout Latin America and the southwestern United States, yet children and adults from all cultural backgrounds can use similar celebrations to embrace the true meaning of the Christmas season and share the joy of Christ’s birth.

For ideas on how to adapt this tradition to your own community, councils can turn to . Through this booklet, the Order hopes to bring a sharing of various cultural Christmas celebrations to all Knights and their families.

Planning Your Advent Celebration 

To help your council and parish community prepare its own Advent celebration, the Knights of Columbus offers this booklet containing a simplified one-day ceremony in the tradition of Las Posadas. Be sure to review the booklet carefully to determine whether you should modify it to fit the unique needs of your own community.  

Traditionally, Las Posadas celebrations are held on nine consecutive nights just prior to Christmas, but your celebration may be held any time during Advent. Councils are encouraged to appoint a committee sometime before the First Sunday of Advent to work with their chaplain or parish priest to set an appropriate date and review the chosen prayers and readings.  Once a date is set, ask parishioners and members of the community to volunteer. They might help young performers memorize their roles; set up the outdoor stations, which represent the inns of Bethlehem; or help design costumes, which may be as simple or ornate as resources allow. The committee should also select a master of ceremonies, to direct and explain the celebration

as needed.  

The celebration begins with an outdoor procession in which the community makes its way to five stations. At each station, two participants — preferably children — are asked to read or recite selected Scripture passages, which offer simple reflections on the mysteries of Christ’s birth. Children might also dress as the Biblical characters and organize short performances based on the Scripture reading for each mystery.  Include the Spanish community in your planning.  They, especially, appreciate the Christmas pageants.  As each mystery concludes, the participants sing a Christmas carol while making their way to the next station. There, the next mystery is announced.  

Give it serious consideration for your Domestic Church initiative.  I promise you that parishioners will come to you later and tell you how much they enjoyed the project.  Those people will be your helpers for NEXT year’s pageant.  Write their names down!!


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Family Prayer Corner

November 2017

Here are the two prayers from 100 years ago that the Guardian angel of Portugal asked the 3 children in Fatima to pray…

My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love You. I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love You.

And …

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You profoundly, and I offer You the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He is offended. And by the infinite merits of His most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg the conversion of poor sinners.

Print these two prayers out and keep them at your night stand to pray each night and each morning.

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Monthly Planning Items

November 2017

November is planning month for your “Journey to the Inn” Pageant. Very carefully review with your parish administrator or parish secretary what events are scheduled for Advent. Find a suitable date so that you can coordinate with your Grand Knight and especially the Pastor and set the date. Immediately get it on the Parish Calendar and advertise it in the bulletin. Most of your work has been done for you by the Supreme Council. Download the Journey to the Inn on-line booklet from the Supreme Website. The entire script is laid out for you. If you want to modify it, feel free. Line up your participants, include the Spanish community and ask Father to announce it from the pulpit at Sunday Mass. Generate enthusiasm and watch the spirit take over. Advent begins November 3rd.
November Council Meeting. Solicit help with decorations, costumes, stage set-up and sound equipment. Make this Pageant a major event in your Community

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Council Reflections

November 2017

  Last month we reflected on our Priorities & Habits.
This month, let’s review any further ideas that have come to mind about our priorities and habits. Now that we have had a full month to reflect, have we decided to make any changes? Have council brothers share their thoughts.

When I attend my Council’s monthly meeting, do I generally have something to report?
When I attend Mass:
Do I arrive early enough to prepare my heart for the sacred grandeur that is about to be celebrated?
Am I interested in giving God all the praise and thanksgiving, or do I load up all my requests as the No. 1 objective of the morning?
Do I sing the songs as an act of praise to God or are they happy activities that make me feel good?
Are the scriptural readings stepping stones that prepare me for Father’s homily or are they familiar stories that we read each year?
Do I listen to the homily for important clues to amend my life in accordance with the scriptures and with God’s Will for me?
Do I tell God “thank you” as I reach for my donation envelope in my pocket?
Do I pay supreme attention and offer adoration during the Consecration?
Do I receive the Eucharist in the state of sanctifying grace?
Do I say goodbye to Jesus before departing after Mass ends?
Do I take time to socialize outside of church and meet new parishioners discovering what is happening in their lives?
Do I go to confession regularly, once a month? Do I attend weekday Mass when able?
What is my involvement in parish life:
Extraordinary minister. Usher. Teach CCD. Pastoral Council. Welcoming committee. Grounds Cleanup. Adult Ed. Bible study. Charismatic Prayer Meetings. Catholic School.
In my family life, are we engaged in prayer, communication, and activities?
Do we pray before meals at home AND in public? Do I pray privately several times a day? Do we pray as a family at a specified time? Do we talk about the readings and homily at Mass? Do we review what the children are learning at CCD or Catholic school? Do I monitor what the children are doing on their computers & smart phones or watching on TV? Do I set the highest of examples with my TV viewing? When controversial subjects are thrust upon the family, do we discuss it? Do we pray the rosary? When we attend parish activities, do we involve the children?
Brothers, the above questions are designed to help you survey your involvement in many of the areas of life. I am confident that you were able to answer affirmatively as you took stock of your Priorities and Habits. If you uncovered an area that is lacking the attention needed to become a better Knight….CIRCLE IT! Pull this survey out tonight before retiring and start praying about redirecting your habits. We are Building the Domestic Church, and you are it!
Holy Spirit, guide us tonight and tomorrow as we attempt to know and do Your Will in our lives. Amen

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