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Featured Program

July 2017 – Family Week

Commitment to family life is at the core of the Knights of Columbus’ beliefs and ideals. This summer, put family first by inviting your parish and greater community to a celebration during Knights of Columbus Family Week, Aug. 7-13. Family Week is a special opportunity for our Order to celebrate and emphasize the importance of the family through programs that strengthen parish community and unite Catholic family life.

Family Week should begin and end with a family Mass that’s followed by the Consecration to the Holy Family (#10371). Throughout the rest of the week, you can celeb rate family life through fun and meaningful events. Open your events to all families of the parish, taking care to plan for a variety of ages and interests. You might celebrate by promoting a family rosary, hosting a parish picnic or a Friday evening movie night. Since Family Week is held around the anniversaries of Father McGivney’s birth and death, it is also fitting to follow up your event with a membership drive and a First Degree exemplification held in his remembrance.

When planning your week of events, make sure you discuss times and logistics with your pastor or chaplain. Sincfe families plan time away during the summer, your pastor might suggest a different date for your events ---
Whichever date you decide, remember that you’ll need to begin promoting your Family Week several weeks in advance

Important!! For additional information and resources, visit .   

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Family Prayer Corner

July 2017

Here is a very important prayer.  Try to memorize the prayer.  Say it every day as a family during the month of July.  The Blessed Mother will help you learn it by heart. 


Remember, O Most gracious Virgin Mary, That never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, Implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided. 

Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee Virgin of virgins, my Mother, to Thee do I come, Before Thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful.

O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, But in thy mercy hear and answer me. 



Pray Well Brothers, 

Jim St. Clair
Director, Building the Domestic Church



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Monthly Planning Items

Jim St. Clair        (803)968-5884 

Continue planning your K of C Family Week events. If you have not yet done so, be sure to discuss your council’s plans with your pastor and get his permission before proceeding. For more information, check out the Family Week Celebrations link listed under Programs at

• Finalize your Father’s Day’s Affirmation of Wedding Vows event. Don’t forget to order copies of the event booklet as well as A Covenant Renewed Certificate (#2745, 25 cents each) and the Luke Hart Series’ Matrimony (#116) for distribution at your event, and advertise the event in the parish bulletin and on your website.

• Include this month’s Council Reflection in your council’s monthly email or newsletter. joy and confidence!

Finally, I have a wonderful announcement for many of you Brothers who are in a situation where your marriage has resulted in or is in danger of divorce. The Diocese of Charleston is sponsoring a Journey of Hope Conference on August 4-6, 2017. The event will be held at the Charleston Marriott and they have an all-star cast of speakers and experts to help you reorganize your life with the intent to help you recover from marital conflict. This could be a terrific opportunity to begin a solid healing. You can review all the details
in the announcement which is featured up-front in this website. Look for it!!


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Council Reflections


Caught Up Into Divine Love – By Supreme Chaplin Archbishop William E. Lori


    More than 50 years ago, the fathers of Vatican II recognized that marriage was threatened by divorce and so-called “free love” and that “married love is too often dishonored by selfishness, hedonism, and unlawful contraceptive practices.”  The council also cited the economic, social and psychological pressures facing families in the modern world (Gaudium et Spes, 47).


    For the past five decades, societal support for marriage and family has eroded even further.  But there’s no sense in longing for the good old days or just complaining about the way things are.  Instead, more and more couples must make a conscious decision to make their homes truly a domestic church --- a home built on the solid rock of faith.  Families are made beautiful by a self-giving love that not only endures but flourishes amid sacrifices and sufferings.  Such a home, rooted in faith and love, bears witness to Christ and His love for His people.  Such a home bears witness to the beauty and nobility of the vocation of marriage.


    As the cultural erosion of authentic marriage continues, one thing might be clearer than ever:  A couple cannot go it alone.  There’s really no way to live the vocation of marriage without getting caught up into divine love.  Far from being a starry-eyed notion, this is the only way to transform life’s sufferings and inconveniences into moments of grace.

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